Kudlers Accounting

Kudlers Accounting

Due to the growth of the company Cuddle management should consider integrating a more effective accounting system which would stay in pace with the growing business. It is imperative that the accounting system be connected into every entity of the equines integrating it with all the information systems that the company is currently utilizing. The accounting system will be beneficial to Cuddle Fine Foods and will keep the company financially secure by tracking its assets.

Main Body Accelerating and streamlining activities such as allocation, cash flow analysis, budget creation, accounts receivable and payable, accountability of capital, and accounting software will drastically increase productivity of finance members and staff while improving financial performance and strategic company planning (Accounting Software Key Features, 2013). Based upon acupuncture. Com in order to be successful there are six steps to follow when selecting accounting software: 1. Define the challenge 2. Choose a consultant 3. Involve the right people 4.

Choose a soft;are vendor 5. Evaluate application performance 6. Implement the system (How to choose an Accounting System, 2005) Some of the new core technology that will be offered in the new system is more detailed reporting and data auditing that Will also prove to be much faster. It is essential run on almost any to keep itemized data entries as accurate as possible to prevent errors. The recommendation based on the deeds and continuous growth of Cuddle Fine Foods will be Microsoft Dynamics GAP, which will give them the most benefit as an accounting system.

Some Of the key features are increased visibility, financial, and insight throughout the company’s decision making, and keeping the business running effectively. Based on the core technology it will be able to run on almost any type of computer to include laptops or desktop. Some benefits like reliability is very important to the company, long term value that be a constant over the years to come. Pricing will be economical and affordable based on Microsoft value-pack.

Advance takes The advantage of Cuddle Fine Foods having a newer updated accounting information system will allow them to have a cutting edge over their competitors and allow the Corcoran to better manage their business. Finances is what keeps a company stabilized for growth, if the money IS in a deficit the company can only go down losing the ability to grow. The accounting system once integrated with all of the systems within Cuddle will allow for data to become centralized and provide managers or other decision makers with analyzed reports that are timely and accurate.

The goal to peeping the reports accurate is based upon how the information is being input, if it is input correctly the output will always balance out. This is because the system is built with sample master records, control files, and the ability to perform processes on a test basis. Another goal of the accounting system for Cuddle is to provide information that is meaningful, relevant, useful, and current. Conclusion Cuddle Fine Foods is in need of an accounting system that will keep pace with its growth. The current system is too slow and not accurate enough for the demands associated with maintain good company records.

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