Creative accounting

Creative accounting

What would make people do that to one another and how is it effecting the self-image of the people lying and getting lied too? To better understand the lie a look into the history of a lie is necessary. No one has much proof Of where the lie originated but according to a lot Of religious orientations the original lie came from Satan the Devil. The story is that God made the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, in a perfect world and only gave them one rule and that was that they could eat from all the vegetation’s and fruit but could not eat from the tree of the forbidden and said that if they ate from that tree they will die.

There was then an angel in the heavens that would get praise for being one of the most beautiful angels. The problem that arose is that he wanted more and he wanted to be worshiped so he took the shape of a serpent in the garden of Eden and told the first lie. He told Eve that “you certainly will not die” pretty much saying that God was a liar and therefore completing the first lie. Not knowing that there could even be a lie Eve believed him and went and ate the fruit and therefore God took their perfection away and therefore this is the reason why we as humans are imperfect to this day because of the first lie. Bible) A lot of Christians refer to this as the greatest lie ever told. Lying has been viewed as wrong in the eyes of humans for years and according to the philosopher Emmanuel Kant lying has always been morally wrong. Kant argument was that all humans are “born with an intrinsic worth” and this is what refer as human dignity. Cant’s point was that this dignity came from the fact that humans are creatures of free will, with rational thoughts, and are able to set goals and conduct ourselves With reason.

So with these humans traits and abilities humans are ethical which Kant defines as to repeat that power in oneself and others. To go further into Cant’s views he says that lies are wrong morally for two reasons. The first reason is that it goes against the part of a human that gives them moral worth which is their own ability to make free rational choices. The second reason is that it robs the ability of other humans of free will to make a rational choices. It doesn’t allow those getting lied too to decide on something if they had known the truth.

Cant’s rule was that to value ourselves and others as ends instead Of means, we have perfect duties to avoid damaging, interfering with, or misusing the ability to make free session. So that would mean we can’t lie in order to sustain moral valor. (Mazurka 1993) Looking further into the history of lying in history and in politics there is considered to be two types of lying. They are the direct lie method and the blank pages method. The direct lie method which is also known as the straightforward lie can be considered to be as old as writing itself as it can be found in many ancient and medieval historical writings.

A direct lie, for example, is when someone says that something took place here and then when that didn’t take place there or then or didn’t take place at all. Its pretty such saying that something had this or that when in reality it didn’t have this or that but something completely different. Threes evidence that Stalinist historiography’s had traces of direct lies that where wide spread for example. The second type of lying method is the blank pages method which is different from the direct lie because instead of making a direct false statement it uses facts to create an overall disoriented picture.

For example instead of telling someone about a set of things that really happened they tell them about something that didn’t happen using some of the facts from the thing that did happen. This method of the lie can be found through some of Stalinist historiography as well as some historical facts where left out like stories about massacres of thousands of people in 1 937 that where absent in history books in that period of time. Yes lying as been around since communication has been around, but how has it effected us as humans on a social level and how has it effect those who are involved in these lies on a personal level.

In some literature lying is portrayed and described as something selfish, because lying is usually done to obtain something. Whether its to get a material item, a certain position in fife, or to gain someone approval lying for the most part are used for selfish gain. Even if lies are used to avoid pain or feeling hurt that’s still for a selfish use because you’re lying to someone and distorting their vision Of the truth to keep oneself from hurt and pain.

With lies being a selfish act it may depend on how big or serious the lie is on whether or not it effects the personal psyche of the one telling the lie. According to a study conducted by the University of Virginia Department of Psychology lying is apart of everyday life. They conducted a study with two groups one being the community and one Ewing college students and the test people from the community told at least one lie everyday and the college students told at least 2 a day.

The people in the community lied to 30% of the people they interacted with during the week and the college students lied to 38%. The studies showed that lies are in fact apart of everyday life but the study also showed that since most of the lies they told weren’t sign efficient then the liar wasn’t really that effected. The studied showed that with the participants mostly using lies that where considered “white lies” or lies with low significance and that had little to no lancing put behind them that they felt little to no baggage due to them.

The participants also revealed that when telling their lies they did not expect to be caught and at the end they said that they weren’t found out that they had been lying for the most part. Surprisingly when asked if they felt regret and most said no and that if given a second chance 70% said they would lie again. This is for everyday lies though and this proves that people lie everyday and that little lies for the most part have become apart of how people socialize and have some effect but not much.

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