Characteristics of a Good Report

Characteristics of a Good Report

Characteristics of a good report are useful, convenient format, easy to identify and consistent The chief concern for data collection is accuracy, timeliness, and cost effectiveness A business process is a collection of activities and workflow in an organization that create value A business event does not affect the financial statement but it is still important to the business A sales process begins with the customer order and ends with the collection of cash Bankruptcy results from inadequate scofflaws not negative income Forecasting helps in the management planning function

If a company has charged a customer too little for goods it would issue a debit memorandum Firms try to improve their customer relationship management (CRM) Processing sales transactions allows for business outputs such as financial reports an example of a report is the accounts receivable ageing report which allows management to write off accounts receivable which may not be received Accounts payable management is companies keeping track of amounts that the company owes Vendors are partners in the us apply chain The purchase requisition indicates the purchase order

Discrepancy reports ensure that there are checks on the actual quantities and amounts on the purchase order Much of the sales and Purchasing Process are electronic e. G. Bar codes, video signals, magnetic ink characters etc.

RIFF tags can be used to manage inventory Business process outsourcing is an integral part of ASS and allows companies to save money by outsourcing their work to other companies or people for cheaper Business without boundaries mean that the businesses are not always located in one position but are spread out offspring means moving businesses offshore Business process management (BPML) software allows he business to collect corporate data, knowledge and business rules into a business system to improve core business processes.

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