Accounting Homework

Accounting Homework

Identify ND describe the most important support functions that the agency provides to the companies that do international business. (you may use a value chain sketch and see what is offered for each function; also some keywords to get you started: international business partner, distributor, marketing and sales, etc. ) 1. Economic globalization is measured by the actual flows of trade, foreign direct investment and portfolio investment, as well as the restrictions applying to these flows.

There are two categories that make up economic libations, actual economic flows and restrictions. Actual flows include data on trade, FDA, and portfolio investment. A restriction refers to restrictions on trade and capital using hidden import barriers, mean tariff rates, taxes on international trade and index of capital controls. Economic globalization measurements allow a nation to conduct a SOOT analysis of their trade, foreign direct investment, portfolio investment, and restrictions.

This is important because in order to compete with other nations, one must now where they stand and the improvement they can make. Social globalization is expressed as the spread of ideas, information, images and people. This dimension can be broken into three categories, personal contacts, information flows, and cultural proximity. In other words, this dimension refers to the impact globalization has on the societies, families, and the life and work of people. Hot topics include the impact globalization has on employment, working conditions, income and social protection.

Social libations is import to a nation because it allows them to see how their citizens are being affected by the world around them and how knowledgeable they are about their surrounding neighbor countries. Political globalization is characterized by the degree of political cooperation. The number of embassies, membership of international organizations, participation in ON Security Council missions, and number of international treaties signed is how it is measured. In simpler terms this dimension of globalization refers to the increasing number and power of human associations with influence or govern the world as a whole.

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