Divan and Shawn

Divan and Shawn

However, the applicant could easily I change his personality instantly I not truly know his personality I refuse to take the survey I fail the survey, but be the best candidate I practice impression management 13. I Divan and Shawn are identical twins that were adopted at birth by very different families. Divan grew up in Houston, Texas, and I attended a large urban high school. Shawn grew up in a small rural town and attended a high school with fewer than one hundred students. Which Of the following statements is most likely to be true bout the two girls?

I Divan is shy because she was just a number in a crowd. Shawn is outgoing because her school was small. I Divan is outgoing because she had to fight to get people to recognize her in a large school. Shawn is shy because she didn’t want to stand out. I Both Divan and Shawn were highly influenced by their different environments and have very different personalities. I Both Divan and Shawn are shy because they share many common personality traits based on their genetic heredity. I Both Divan and Shawn are shy because the environments n which they were raised demanded that they be shy to be successful. 4. I What does the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator classification of “E or l” stand for? I extroverted/intuitive I emotional/ introverted I extroverted/introverted I emotional/ intuitive I sane/reflective 15. I How would someone who is described as an EST. On the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator best be described? Alas a visionary Alas a conceptualized Alas an innovator Alas an organizer Alas a leader 16. I A book that profiled 13 contemporary business people who created super successful firms including Apple Computer, Faded, Honda Motors, I I type of thinkers?

I I Microsoft, and Sony found that all 13 were what I perceiving Sensing I intuitive I conscientious I feeling 17. I Vichy of the following is not included in the Big Five model? I agreeableness 18. Reliability? 19. I conscientiousness I intuitiveness limitation stability I extroversion I Which dimension of the Big Five model is a measure of laughableness Conscientiousness IA high score in which dimension of the Big Five model predicts good job performance for all occupational groups? I openness to experience | 10.

Why are agreeable people usually less successful in their careers? Ill. I They aren’t happy in their lives. I They aren’t liked by superiors. I They don’t make many friends. I They don’t negotiate well. I They aren’t successful in school. I Which of the following statements about people with positive core self-evaluations is true? I They set goals which are easily obtainable. I They do not attribute positive outcomes to their own actions. I They are overconfident. I They take responsibility less frequently. I They tend to obtain more complex and challenging jobs. 12.

IA high Mach would be most suited for which of the following positions? La manager who leads a team of geographically distant consultants la human resources manager who ensures staff firings do not place the company in legal jeopardy Ian ombudsman who investigates consumer complaints and mediates their outcome Ian auditor who checks that all company accounts are kept properly la real estate broker negotiating in the lease of large amounts of office space 13. | Which of the following is not a possible result from hiring Marsha, an applicant with a narcissistic personality?

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