A Course on Managerial Accounting

A Course on Managerial Accounting

Include what you believe to be your current knowledge level of this course topic and what you hope to learn before the course is over. Question B Compare and Contrast Managerial Accounting and Financial Accounting. Be sure to discuss how managerial accounting is useful for providing information for at least one of the following management functions: planning, directing, controlling. Question C To act ethically in accounting/business is only necessary to follow the law. Do you Agree or disagree? Give at least three specific reasons for your answer ND provide at least one counter argument and rebut it.

Week 2 Discussion Questions Provide and discuss an example of a situation where a company would use a job cost sheet. As part of your analysis, be sure to explain the nature and importance of a job cost sheet. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Job Order Costing. Be sure to include specific examples of the advantages/disadvantages that you discuss. Week 3 Discussion Questions What is the difference between operations costing and a process costing system? How does a company decide whether to use a job order or a process cost system? How does the treatment Of costs differ in BBC Systems as opposed to traditional cost systems?

Week 4 Discussion Questions What approach should be used to calculate the breakable point of a company that has many products? How is the contribution margin per unit of limited resources computed? Week 5 Discussion Questions What factors must management consider when deciding whether to continue using an asset, repair, or replace it? Identify the relevant costs in a make-or-buy decision and provide an example of each type of cost. Week 6 Discussion Questions Discuss the significance of recognizing the time value of money in the long- term impact of the capital budgeting decision.

Discuss how the internal rate of return (AIR) method differs from the net present value (NP) method. Be sure to include an explanation of what the AIR method is and what the NP method is. Week 7 Discussion Questions What is participative budgeting? What are its potential benefits? What are its potential disadvantages? What is budgetary slack? What incentive do managers have to create budgetary slack? Discussion: Reflection and Review Review and reflect on what you learned in the past 8 weeks. What is the most practical and easily applied lesson you learned? What was the hardest to grasp?

Why? What else do you need to know about Managerial Accounting? WI Application Problems (Questions and Brief Exercises 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, and 1-5) WWW-7 Application Problems Final Exam What is the difference between financial accounting and managerial accounting? Explain the two reasons why the shorter the payback period the more attractive the investment is when the payback technique is used? Distinguish between a master budget and a sales forecast. Explain the nature and importance of a job cost sheet. Distinguish among operating, investing, and financing activities.

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